Why ‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Season 3 Will Be a Different Show than Season 2

ABC’s “Bachelor In Paradise” season 3 premieres today and we’re not going to be surprised if we get some major revelations in the coming weeks.

But, it won’t be a show of “Bachelorette” glory.

In fact, it will be an entirely different show.

And we’ve got the first clue that it will.

As part of the upfront presentation, ABC President Channing Dungey revealed a new storyline that’s set to hit the airwaves in the fall.

We’ve heard it before, but Dungey confirmed to EW that this new plot line will have major ramifications on the show.

“I don’t want to say too much, but I’m gonna say something that is going to change the way the show does things,” Dungey said.

“It will mean we’re going to have to look at some of the other characters differently, and that means we’re probably going to see some characters that we haven’t seen before.

So we’re looking at characters that are a little bit more dynamic, that are going to bring some new energy to the show.”

Dungey also said that the new season will be a “different” show in every way, and it will take the franchise in a completely different direction.

“This is going be a different show than season 2,” Dungado said.

The show is “not gonna be ‘Bachelorettes,'” but it will “re-establish ourselves as a different kind of show.”

While this storyline isn’t set in stone, it’s pretty clear that the show is going back to the roots of the series.

ABC has confirmed that the series will continue with a core group of characters that will be familiar to viewers.

However, the “Bender” and “Gossip Girl” shows have changed the format of the show since the last season.

“Bachman” and its spinoff “The Bachelor” are no longer the primary focus of the shows, but they’re still very much the primary source of entertainment.

And what about season 3?

Dungey didn’t say much about what will happen in season 3.

However the showrunner did reveal that there will be some “significant changes” in the show’s format.

“We have a story that we want to tell.

It will be very different from the last show.

We will explore a lot of the same territory,” Dungy said.

It’s unclear exactly what that territory will be, but “it’s gonna be a very different show.”ABC is still “in the process of narrowing down the cast,” but it sounds like the characters are going in a new direction.

“We’re gonna explore new avenues and a different direction for the story,” Dungan said.

Dungey also revealed that this season will have “much more depth.”

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