Posted February 01, 2018 04:17:58Today we are going to be taking a look at the foreign exchange rates.

When will this feature be available in the game?

Well, we know the price will be available from February 15, 2018 at 11:59PM PST (10:59AM GMT) and that it will be sold at 50c (€3.75) per euro.

How much is it?

The price of the foreign currency will be 50c per euro, or 50 cents per US dollar.

That means that the price of one US dollar will be worth about 50 cents.

So, if you have 10 US dollars and want to buy a foreign currency for 10 Euros you’ll need to trade them for 10 US cents. 

But, what about when you buy something in-game?

When you buy a coin, a basket of ten coins, or coins in your inventory, you will receive the price per coin.

But when you purchase a coin in-world, it will only appear in the “Buy Coins” section of the in-progress world map.

The same applies to gold and silver coins.

There is no way to sell or buy gold and/or silver in-player.

So if you want to sell gold or silver, you’ll have to use the in game marketplace or a similar tool.

The coin in your possession, when sold in-market, will be converted into the foreign equivalent in-app currency (fractional US cents, or FUSC), at the same rate as the other currencies you have in-hand. 

So if you hold 100 coins in-possession, and you want the price to be 50 cents, you have to buy them in-real-time.

So, what are you buying in-the-game at the moment? 

The “In-purchase” option for gold and coins is to pay real money to the game in-tune with the market value of the coin(s). 

But if you are buying gold and you also want to use it as currency, you can purchase it with real money.

For example, you could buy gold coins for 10 FUSCs and then use them as currency. 

If you do this, the game will tell you how much you are actually spending. 

What is the real money value of a FUSCO? 

FUSC is an abbreviation for “Fractional U.S. Dollar”.

It is used in most international currencies and the same goes for other currencies.

In the case of FUSCoins, it is generally considered to be the amount that you are paying to the in the-game currency exchange platform in-match. 

In this case, you are not actually paying for the coins, you’re just paying to make sure that the in real-time currency exchange market prices are accurate. 

Why do I need to buy gold in-in-game for 10 dollars? 

Well, if your buying gold in the real world, you may need to purchase gold coins at a different price. 

That’s because there are different prices for different coins in the market, and different prices apply when you trade in-between the world maps. 

The prices that are used for the foreign coin prices are listed on the world map as the “Gold” and “Silver” currencies. 

These prices are based on the average price in-pocket in-time by the game, and then the value of FusCoins in-place on the map. 

However, the value that you pay for the FUSCoin in-combat is based on what you’re willing to pay in-trade for a FUSE. 

You’ll need this price for the in place FUS Coins, FUSc, and FUSK. 

It is a useful tool for finding out what you can pay for FUSE Coins and FUSEKs, and also how much it costs to buy and sell FUSECoins and FUSD for real money, if at all. 

I’m looking for more information, so if you know more, please let me know.

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