The Japanese government has been discussing ending its foreign currency policy since November of last year, and the proposal has gained traction in recent weeks.

The idea of a foreign exchange reserve fund has gained currency in Japan as well.

While it’s hard to quantify exactly how much foreign exchange reserves Japan currently has in its foreign account, the government has said that it could be in the neighborhood of $30 billion.

The proposal, however, has received some criticism from Japanese business leaders.

One such group is the Tokyo Economic Research Institute, a group of about 200 economists, economists and other experts that is often criticized for being too close to the government.

The institute’s president, Hiroshi Matsuda, called the proposal “inappropriate” and called on the Japanese government to rethink its foreign policy.

The plan is based on a proposal made by a Japanese academic in 2013.

It would fund foreign exchange transactions between foreign countries at the same rate as Japanese currency, a move that is seen as a way to boost Japan’s economic competitiveness.

But a recent report by the World Bank said that the plan would not increase the country’s foreign currency reserves.

The report said that, instead, the plan “may have the effect of reducing the overall financial stability of the Japanese economy and its trade balance.”

The plan has gained popularity in Japan because it is seen to reduce the amount of money in the country and boost its economic growth.

According to a government poll, more than 60 percent of Japanese citizens support the idea of ending foreign exchange controls.

This is the latest push by the government to end foreign exchange control, which is seen by some economists as a form of corruption that undermines Japan’s economy.

According the International Monetary Fund, Japan’s foreign exchange regime is estimated to be worth $2.8 trillion.

A proposal to end the policy was introduced by Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2013, and has gained support from business and other influential figures in Japan.

It has also drawn criticism from the opposition parties and lawmakers.

The ruling Liberal Democratic Party has been pushing for a more transparent foreign exchange system, but Prime Minister Abe has been resisting.

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