When I went to visit Israel, the occupation was still an important part of my life

The years leading up to Israel’s founding were a time when the occupation of the West Bank was a key issue in the country’s national debate.

The conflict was one that divided the country along ideological lines, as well as ethnic lines.

The occupation was part of Israeli politics at that time, and the Palestinians were not willing to compromise with the occupation.

This led to a series of intifadas that eventually led to the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948.

The 1967 Six Day War, in which Israel and the Arab states fought an armed conflict in the Sinai Peninsula and Gaza, marked the beginning of the end of the occupation, and many in Israel and around the world considered it to be a success.

Today, Israel remains a political, economic and military superpower in the Middle East, as it has been for nearly half a century.

But the history of the conflict has changed, and it is no longer considered a success for Israel, or for the Palestinians.

The conflict started with the creation of the State of Israel on June 12, 1948.

The Jewish people who live there now call it Israel.

The state of Palestine was established on September 22, 1967.

Israel was established in 1967 on a long list of promises made to the Palestinians, including the establishment in 1948 of the Palestinian state.

In the years following the establishment, the two sides continued to make promises, but nothing came of it.

The Israelis did not recognize a Palestinian state, which left the Palestinians with no alternative but to accept a Palestinian-dominated state.

The current Israeli government, which is led by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, continues to make these promises, and Netanyahu is now the prime minister of Israel.

However, this has not been enough to satisfy the Palestinian people, who have demanded that Israel recognize the state they seek.

In an attempt to pressure the Israelis, Palestinians have launched a series in the past two decades of protests in response to the Israeli government’s continued promises of peace and prosperity.

The two sides have engaged in a series, but the current effort is different.

Netanyahu and his government are now calling for the international community to recognize the Palestinian State of Palestine as the nation-state of the Jewish people.

The Palestinian leadership is also calling for international recognition.

This is the latest attempt by the Israeli regime to gain international recognition from international institutions.

The Israeli government is also hoping that the International Criminal Court (ICC) will be able to indict Israel over the Palestinian-led intifada, a claim that has no basis in fact.

The ICC, which opened its first session in 2013, has jurisdiction over crimes committed in the former Yugoslavia, the former Soviet Union and Afghanistan, and other states, including Israel.

The Palestinian Authority, which has control over the West Jerusalem and Gaza Strip, is currently seeking to establish a court of international criminal jurisdiction in Gaza.

However the Palestinian leadership does not believe that the ICC would indict Israel.

In a statement issued on Tuesday, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) said that the Palestinian government did not believe the ICC was the place for this.

The PLO’s statement said:The international community has failed to recognize Palestine’s right to exist and is in no position to recognize its existence.

Palestine’s rights and national identity are inseparable from its right to live in peace and dignity.

The Palestinians also want the international court to indict the Israeli state.

However, it is not clear that the Palestinians would be able or willing to accept an ICC indictment.

The Palestinians are currently seeking a solution to the conflict through negotiations.

In November, a Palestinian delegation in Washington met with the US State Department to discuss the Palestinian request to establish an ICC court.

This delegation included representatives of the PLO, Palestinian Authority and other parties.

According to a report published by the New York Times, the meeting was attended by Israeli officials, US Ambassador to the UN Samantha Power, and US Representative Dana Rohrabacher, who is the Republican chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

This was in response in part to the fact that the Israeli delegation had met with representatives of a US state department official in Washington last year.

The official in question was former US Ambassador John Bolton, who was an early advocate of a Palestinian resolution to the dispute between the two countries.

The US administration has also been trying to gain recognition of the PA and its activities in the occupied territories.

On Tuesday, a delegation from the Palestinian Authority delegation met with US Ambassador Nikki Haley and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson in Washington, DC.US President Donald Trump and US Senator Lindsey Graham have also met with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

During his visit to Israel in April, Trump said: “We want to be friends, and we want to continue to be allies with Israel.

That’s why we are here.

We want to make sure we’re not going to have a situation where Israel is looking for trouble.”

The US has previously offered to make a loan of up to $150 billion in exchange for recognition of Israel as a sovereign state

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