What is Forex Trading?

What is Forex Trading?

We get asked this question the most, What is Forex Trading? Online Forex trading is simply the act of placing a trading position in anticipation of knowing where you believe the markets are going to go. Depending on the Forex broker chosen there is a large amount the currency pairs available to trade, including markets, metals, indices, and energies.

Perhaps the best way to explain Forex trading is to tell you what it is and what isn’t.

Online Forex trading

Online Forex trading is not the act of physically exchanging one currency for another. Forex trading is the act of placing an order to buy a currency compared to another currency in anticipation of it moving in the direction you want. Orders can be placed to buy currency or sell currency.

The orders you place with online Forex trading are done through a brokerage account using a trading software. The tools you need to be a successful Forex trader can all be obtained at home using any computer whether it’s PC-based or a Mac-based computer running windows based software.

Modern Forex Trading

Another way to look at modern Forex trading is to compare the way it used to be done at the bank. If someone wanted to exchange currency from one denomination, say US dollars to say Canadian dollars. You would visit the bank taking US dollars. The bank would look up the current exchange rate for the day. Give you an equal amount of Canadian dollars, plus commission charges. Now if you can just imagine that happening in a split second that’s what happens in the online foreign trading world. But you’re not actually exchanging physical cash you’re doing it electronically. Money can be held for a split-second or for hours, days, weeks, or months. And you do it all without actually taking physical control of the currency.

Self-employed opportunities with Forex trading 

What Forex trading really does is opens up a whole new world to explore opportunities and income. It is exciting, rewarding, and fulfilling. There’s nothing better than the excitement of seeing your order filled. Just knowing that the markets could be going in the direction you intended them to go! Getting out, and watching profits rolling to your account.

Whatever your reason for coming to look at Forex trading, we can tell you one thing: You will not be bored or disappointed. You can work and make money from anywhere you in the World. And without having to answer to anyone else, be your own boss!

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