What is an Exchange Entry or Exchange Visa?

An Exchange Entry is a valid international visitor visa issued by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT) for temporary work or study in the United Kingdom.

An Exchange Visa is valid for work in the UK and can be issued to any UK citizen, permanent resident, or visitor who meets certain eligibility criteria.

An exchange visitor visa can be valid for one year from the date of issuance and can allow you to work and study in Britain for up to six months.

There are also exchange visitor visas for work with a foreign country or the Commonwealth, but these can only be issued for a period of two years.

The visa allows you to enter the UK without any restrictions and your work and stay is not limited to a six-month period.

You may be eligible for an Exchange Visa if:You will be working or studying in the country and the visa is issued to you for your temporary purpose of working and studying, for example, as a student, or as a doctor or nurse.

The exchange visitor will only be eligible to work or work in that country for one or more months at a time.

The only conditions for your visa are:A minimum of two months’ work in and for that country.

A minimum period of work in a UK-registered medical practice or other healthcare facility.

A period of three months in the course of employment with a UK registered medical practice, which may include a year or more of training and experience, if it is a qualified health practice and is in a health-related occupation.

The terms and conditions of the exchange visitor and the exchange visa apply.

You must obtain a British passport and meet certain eligibility requirements.

Your work will be undertaken at the same time and at the place as you normally would for work.

If you are working in a different country, you may have to arrange for the accommodation and transport of a UK passport.

Your work may be restricted by the employer.

You can find more information about exchange visitor or exchange visa requirements on the Department’s website.

What is an exchange visitor?

An exchange visitor is an employee of the UK who works or studies in another country for a temporary purpose.

An exchange visit is a visitor who is working or living in a foreign state.

An employee of a foreign organisation or organisation is an organisation or individual that is incorporated or controlled in the territory of another state, which is not recognised as a state by the United Nations or any other international organisation.

An expatriate employee is an individual who has left the UK for a different purpose or has returned to the UK in the same circumstances as a resident of the same country.

An Exchange Visas may be issued by DFAT to exchange visitors who meet certain requirements.

You can apply to be an exchangevisa holder for one of the following reasons:You are eligible for a foreign residence permit under the Home Rule Acts or the Immigration Act 1975.

You are an employee who has been lawfully employed in the public service or other employment, and is ordinarily resident in the employment of the employer or an affiliated company, and you are ordinarily resident there for a specified period of time, and are not a UK national, or

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