Posted November 20, 2019 11:06:10 A year ago, the New Zealand foreign exchange markets opened to trade in the international financial system.

But since then, traders have been scrambling to buy foreign exchange in order to stay in business.

As one of the world’s leading foreign exchange brokers, it is in the middle of the chaos that traders have to deal with.

New Zealanders have been locked out of their banks and the foreign currency markets.

And there are some concerns that the foreign exchanges will never be the same.

This is a timeline of events, as we report on the international exchange market and the turmoil that it is experiencing.

The financial crisis in 2008: Newman’s dilemmaThe financial crash of 2008 left the foreign investment and investment banking markets in tatters.

There were no options to sell and the country had no other options.

Investors and banks were on the brink of collapse.

“We were literally living in the back of the van,” said Tom Johnston, a New Zealand-based broker who is the CEO of Global Capital.

Inevitably, the foreign-exchange market is the biggest driver of the global economy.

It is the source of most of the money coming into the country, and it is the largest source of income for the country.

In New Zealand, the markets are so fragmented that investors cannot trade directly with each other.

They have to do it through brokers.

International investors need to buy into foreign exchange, and then sell it to the rest of the market to make a profit.

When the market is closed, brokers will often sell foreign exchange to other brokers, who in turn sell it back to the market.

So it is like a roller coaster of bad luck, with some markets coming out on top while others have been left behind.

Foreign exchange brokers like Johnston said they have been told by banks that there are very few brokers that would want to take on this workload.

For some foreign-based brokers, the work has been so grueling that they have taken on new jobs to make ends meet.

A year later, it has not gone well for the foreign investors.

Banks are closing their foreign exchange offices and banks are pulling back foreign exchange assets.

That has left foreign exchange-based businesses like Johnston and his clients stranded.

More than 2,000 foreign exchange businesses are closed or have closed, and some of the major banks have had to cut their foreign-trade lending by up to 80 per cent, he said.

While foreign-owned businesses have struggled financially, the domestic companies have struggled with the loss of jobs.

An estimated 1,000 New Zealanders are now unemployed, Johnston said.

He estimates that about 20 per cent of those jobs are lost to foreign-funded businesses.

One foreign exchange broker told the foreign owners of his firm have been unable to access bank loans.

‘It’s like a dream gone wrong’The business has been struggling for more than a year.

With the market in limbo, Johnston has been unable do his job as a broker.

He is unable to buy, sell or process foreign exchange.

Instead, he has to rely on his contacts on the market, who are able to help him.

Because foreign exchange has been closed, Johnston is now relying on a broker from China to help out.

We have seen a big drop in the market for foreign exchange trading.

We have seen our clients come out on the other side of the fence and we have seen their money disappear,” Johnston said, adding he is also looking for foreign-invested companies to fund his businesses.

Foreign exchange is not the only way foreign-backed businesses have been struggling.

Firms have had trouble paying their debts.

Some foreign-controlled companies have been hit hard by the global financial crisis.

After the financial crisis, foreign-linked businesses have had a hard time finding buyers for their shares.

Then there is the risk that they could not repay loans and their business could collapse.

Foreign-backed business The foreign-sponsored business (FBS) is the financial arm of a foreign-financed business that is owned by a foreign company.

Each FBS is a financial entity that has a controlling interest in a foreign corporation or company, which is not a corporation.

Companies that have an FBS are considered to be foreign-listed businesses.

FBS companies are subject to the same restrictions as a listed company.

Foreign owned businesses foreign-related companies that are owned by foreign investors are often foreign-run businesses.

There are a number of foreign-held companies that have foreign-owned subsidiaries in New Zealand.

According to the Newzbin website, the Foreign Investment Review Board (FIRB) is a body set up to review foreign- owned

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