The UK’s foreign exchange market is now losing about 5.6% of its value, according to HSBC’s latest weekly index.

The move was the biggest in the last three years.

The British pound was trading down 0.8% at $1.3460 per pound on Thursday.

The euro rose 1.2% to $1:1.3713.

The dollar index also gained 1.3% to 112.26.

The rupee also rose 1% to 68.76.

The pound sterling was down 0,5% to £1.4470.

The pound has been trading at about 75 cents per pound for most of the past year.

The UK’s currency is down about 25% against the dollar since June.

It fell nearly 1% against a basket of currencies including the euro, the yen and the Australian dollar, as sterling lost its strength against the currencies of other major economies.

The UK has been among the most active in trading the dollar as the euro has been declining.

The hdfcs foreign exchange turnover rose 6.5pc to £5.8bn in the quarter to September, with the rise in foreign exchange prices from the end of last year offsetting a drop in the value of sterling.

HSBC’s data showed that foreign exchange traders had to pay £2.2bn in fees to foreign exchanges to earn their earnings.

The HSBC Global Markets Index, a benchmark for the value and trend of global markets, fell 1.4pc in the fourth quarter to 5,084.

It is one of the strongest performers on the index since the early 1990s.

The index was at its highest level in a decade in November 2013, according the Bloomberg survey of markets, and its highest since June 2014.

The Brexit vote also added to the volatility in the currency markets.

The Brexit vote has been blamed for the UK’s slump in its currency, the pound sterling, while the uncertainty over its exit from the European Union has contributed to a sharp drop in demand for the currency.

The rise in the pound’s value in recent weeks has contributed further to the decline in the market.

The Bank of England has cut interest rates from their historic 0.25pc to 0.1pc.

The bank has also raised interest rates on mortgage bonds, the largest share of UK borrowing.

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