The Lad was a Jewish woman who became an American.

She was born in the city of Jerusalem in the first half of the eighteenth century, and her name was Eliza Lad.

Eliza was the daughter of an Arab merchant, and the family moved to America when Eliza’s mother died.

Her father died when Elizaria was a young child, and she became the only surviving member of the family.

Elizaras life was hard, as she had to do most of the household chores, and was the sole breadwinner.

She also had to fend for her two older brothers and two younger sisters, who were both orphans and brought up in the slums of Jerusalem.

One of her brothers was killed by the Germans in WWI, and he was adopted by an orphanage in the U.S.A. and raised there for several years.

When he was fourteen years old, he met a girl named Esther who became his girlfriend.

They married and had four children: Esther, a daughter named Elizah, a son named Eliza, and a daughter called Leah.

When Esther died, Eliza had to find a way to pay for her funeral expenses.

Her husband was able to borrow money, and after he died, she was allowed to continue to live with her family.

After Eliza left the orphanage, she began to take on additional responsibilities, including teaching Hebrew to her two daughters, Esther and Leah.

She continued to teach Hebrew in the United States, and in 1903 she published her first book, The Lad in America, which was later adapted into a film.

Elzas life changed when she was drafted into the U and she was sent to the US.

S, in 1918.

She stayed in the States for the rest of her life, but she never went back to Jerusalem.

In 1947, after a lifetime in the service of the Jewish people, she married a Palestinian named Aida.

The couple had four sons and three daughters.

When Aida died, Aida and Eliza became the sole surviving members of the Lad family.

In 1973, AIDA became a U.N. refugee and became the first American to return from Palestine.

Elzebeth and Elzadah, who are now living in the New York City area, have a great interest in history and are avid fans of the American Flag.

They have traveled to Israel and Palestine, and they are eager to get a picture of the flag in its current form.

This story is the story of the story.

This is the tale of Elzabeth and the Lad.

This may seem a very simple story, but there are a lot of layers to it.

The story is told through ElzebETH and Elza and their son, Elzady.

They are in their seventies now, and Elzebebeth has recently completed a book about her life.

Elza is a retired airline pilot and Elzar is a young man who has been studying to become a veterinarian.

Elzebeth is a single mother who is also a historian and a former journalist.

They started a foundation called The Lad Foundation, which is dedicated to bringing history to the forefront and bringing awareness to the plight of the Holocaust survivors in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories.

Elzy is an old friend of Elzebes family, and we have a story that will not be forgotten by the community.

This article is part of The Lad Biblical series, and it will be continued in the future.

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