Are there refunds using your Forex system?

Are there any refunds using the PrecisionFX Forex system?

There are no refunds for anything paid to DKNR, ever. There is plenty of evidence as to the system past performance in the information on this site and you may ask any questions during a live webinar. You are not paying for the indicators, you are paying for the setup of the indicators and the system. When you begin paying the monthly fees you are then leasing access to the system, training, and access to operate the system. You do not own anything.

Most people fail in trading because they do not have the emotional fortitude to actually trade. We will remind you of this in the training and give you some things to possibly help you overcome some of those obstacles.

If you do not feel you have the constitution or the emotional fortitude to take a loss in a trading account and actually trade money live, then DO NOT BUY THE SYSTEM AND DO NOT TRADE.

SEE: Legal section and Risk Disclosure  


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