Payment Page

You have made a wise decision. See website and any agreements for full details. Any missed payments, canceled payments, etc may result in extra fees and charges to get you back up and running.


Full Membership costs (USD):
Full membership costs in USD must be received in our account for you to have an active license. Depending on the level of service needed and if you are a commercial trader or trading for a large platform, Hedge Fund, Institution, your fees will be different. Your fees will be determined after an initial consultation and may possibly require a few meetings. Our current personal trader fee for a Founders Club member is:

$3500 USD

This gets you access to the license key only and back office training. Any live training, webinars, small groups etc. are all a bonus and may be cancelled at any time. Proper Behavior is required at all times in any group or training setting or you will be removed from the group. Repeated errors in your license key due to issues on your end will result in extra charges for license key re-instatement at DKNR’s discretion.

To Pay with Transferwise use the link below and follow instructions

We accept payments through Transferwise and Direct Wire Transfer.

1. Transferwise – we are Transferwise members,

Transferwise is fast, easy, quick to setup, and you can load your account in the following methods…

  • Bank ACH transfer
  • Wire Transfer
  • Debit Card
  • Credit Card
  • Apple Pay

We accept payment through Transferwise in USD (US Dollars), EUR (EURO), GBP (British Pound), NZD (New Zealand Dollar), and AUD (Australian Dollar).

Be sure we receive 1% extra if paying in any currency besides USD to cover exchange fluctuations, exchange fees for us removing funds, and other fees.

You may pay in USD as well and absorb the fees yourself just make sure we receive the correct USD on our end AFTER all fees from Transferwise directly into our USD account.

Go here to sign up…

Use the following account information to add DKNR as a recipient under the “recipients” section on the left side of the transferwise website…

Recipient’s address

Country: United States

Recipient bank details

2. Direct Wire Transfer details

Account Holder
DKNR Management LLC
Account number
Wire Routing Number
Bank Name
Knoxville TVA Credit Union