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You have made a wise decision. You will use one of the methods below to pay and get started. See website and any agreements for full details. Any missed payments, canceled payments, etc may result in extra fees and charges to get you back up and running.


Full Membership costs (USD):
Full membership costs will be determined on a case by case basis only at this point. Depending on the level of service needed and if you are a commercial trader or trading for a large platform, Hedge Fund, Institution, your fees will be different. Your fees will be determined after an initial consultation and may possibly require a few meetings.

1.  If outside the US, use Transferwise – we are Transferwise members,

We accept payment through Transferwise in EUR (EURO), GBP (British Pound), and AUD (Australian Dollar).
Be sure we receive 1% extra if paying in these three currencies to cover exchange fluctuations through the day, exchange fees for us removing funds, and other fees. You may pay in USD as well and absorb the fees yourself just make sure we receive the correct USD on our end after all fees from Transferwise directly into our account.

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2. For US clients only, direct bank wire transfers (higher exchange rate fees) Be sure DKNR receives the correct amount plus $20 for receiving a wire transfer

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