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All choices below include access to the following…

  • LIVE SUPPORT VIA WEBINAR AND OTHER CHAT OPTIONS WHEN AVAILABLE- During the training sessions, live webinars, and live trading sessions we are there for Q&A
  • UNLIMITED UPDATES – Any future updates to the training/webinars/videos/live webinars/manual trading system are all included
  • 200% GUARANTEE – If we do not show overall profitable Conservative trades in live trading room any month, EVER while you’re a fully paid member of DKNR PrecisionFX, we refund 200% of your monthly fees THAT month – a Demo member is considered a member as long as you are fully paid.
  • DEMO CREDIT TOWARDS A FULL PURCHASE/LEASE – If all rules obeyed in live sessions and on appropriate behavior is displayed in all locations
  • NO REFUNDS EVER, FOR ANY REASON – we invest a LOT of time and effort into this and what we charge does not even begin to cover the true costs of the system, time, and effort, and having it available for your use

DEMO choices below include access to the system to trade in DEMO only on one demo account and on one computer. Extra fees will be charged based on time to reset any license keys or move them from one computer to another. ONLY one demo per lifetime per client. No extensions, no transfers. Your access to live trading rooms and any live events for members will end at the end of your demo trial.

PrecisionFX choices below are for a lease/rental only. You do not and never will own the system itself. If you do not pay you do not play. This gives you access to the system on one live account on one computer only. Full access to any and all available training, live webinars, trade rooms, etc for the life of your available lease as long as all fees are paid in full.

See website and any agreements for full details. Any missed payments, cancelled payments, etc may result in extra fees and charges to get you back up and running.

Thank You
Please complete the form below and choose your payment plan. You will receive an invoice from [email protected] within 1 business day of completion of the form along with further instructions to get you up and running as soon as possible. Welcome aboard and you have made an excellent choice.

Bonus Downloads:

Here are your bonus downloads (SEE LEGAL SECTION AND RISK DISCLAIMERS HERE) Training and support of these downloads is available for free to all paid clients of DKNR. Some installation and training videos are available on our youtube channel. Other support available by the hour…

DKNR Trading Journal – A spreadsheet journal that can be customized to your needs and style. Searchable and adjustable to customize for your specific needs. Will help you chose the best trading styles and trades for you and help get rid of the bad trades. Let’s you make informed decisions regarding your trading.

Forex Personal Trading Plan – An extensive, fully editable document that is of utmost importance for any trader. Start here. Take you time and answer each and every question for yourself. DO NOT USE THE SAMPLE ANSWERS AS YOUR OWN. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK.

cross master.ex4 and cross slave.ex4 Scripts – Download them both – An ingenious pair of scripts going in the script folder of the MT4 platform that allows you move the master and have every chart the slave is loaded on move at the same time so you can see amongst any pairs or any time frames the same exact spot on multiple charts. See the MT4 instructions for installation. Put the master on a chart first and then add the slave to other charts. If they are not visible, then remove from ALL charts and reload in different order to use.

SessionBreak – a terrific indicator going into the indicator folder in MT4. This indicator is fully adjustable with on and off settings for time frames, and background colors as well. Set one or set them all it will surely help you see quickly and easily when and where normal trading hours sessions start and end. ully customizable to your time zone. Have fun playing with this one it is great!

Thank you.


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