What makes your system different from other Forex trading systems?

What makes your system different from other Forex trading systems?

It is quite simple really. No, not really.

Actually, it is very complicated.

Let’s put it this way. For the most part, every other trading system out there works off of a series of historical trading indicators that try to predict what will happen in the market based on past events. Almost every indicator that comes standard in the MT4 platform and every custom indicator out there works off of past prices to try and determine future movement. They all fail on a consistent basis, especially in these shaky financial times.

Our system works using a complex set of algorithms and proprietary programming working behind the scenes to filter out market players entry and exit positions based on multiple time frames. When combined, they produce the entries and exits you see in many of the screenshots and videos above. Something you have undoubtedly never seen before. That’s what makes this different. NEVER EVER ask us what we do in the programming. It is protected under legal grounds established in several historical president court cases proving no one ever has to reveal trade corporate secrets like our system programming for any reason or to anyone and we never will.

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