How long does it take to learn to trade Forex?

How long does it take to learn to trade with the DKNR PrecisionFX Forex trading system?

If you can count, then you can trade and that is true. This will enable you to trade with forex. 

It is relatively quick and easy to set up an MT4 platform, load the indicators and templates, and set up a demo account. There are brief short videos online to show how to do that and we will cover that in our training for those of you who have never used any type of trading software before.  If you have ever done anything on a social media account or set up a word document or any type of spreadsheet, then you will not have any trouble loading the trading software. It actually takes longer to set everything up than it will to actually learn the basic core setup of the trading system. All of that setup mentioned above can be done in less than 2 hours.


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