The Euro 2016 tournament kicks off on Thursday with a game between Romania and Bulgaria, and the two sides will be competing for the right to represent the European Union in the 2020 FIFA World Cup.

While the teams are competing for an opportunity to host the World Cup, they’re also looking to make some extra money.

The games will be held at the Stadio Olimpico in the heart of the capital Bucharest, and players are being paid a total of 6,500 euros per match.

The tournament is also attracting a lot of attention due to the number of arrests and the fact that a large number of the players are reportedly under the influence of alcohol.

The game is also expected to bring in millions of euros for the Romanian side.

The amount of money spent by the host country is much larger, though, as the tournament is the biggest of its kind in Europe.

The teams will play two friendly matches before the big game on Sunday.

It will be the third of the three games that are taking place in Romania.

The first two were played in November and February and the third one will be played on the same date, March 8.

This will be a massive tournament for the two teams.

For Romania, it is a chance to qualify for the Euros for the first time in 20 years, and to also be part of the tournament in 2020.

The tournament has generated quite a lot publicity for the country, with Romania and Albania among the top five European nations in terms of television viewership.

It also has attracted international interest, with fans all over the world watching the games live.

For Bulgaria, it’s also a chance for them to make a name for themselves as the best team in the tournament.

The Bulgarians have been playing regularly in the past few years, but have not yet made the World Team.

They lost to Romania in the final of the Euro 2016 qualifying tournament in June of last year.

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