New data suggests that the Bitcoin industry is a booming industry with a rapidly growing number of participants worldwide.

The data reveals that the value of Bitcoin traded worldwide in 2016 was approximately $12.2 billion, with $7.2 trillion being the total value of the market.

Bitcoin is not an electronic currency, and is not backed by any central bank, unlike the fiat currencies like the US dollar.

The data also reveals that Bitcoin trades are driven primarily by large exchanges that are able to provide low-cost liquidity and high-quality service.

This means that Bitcoin exchanges are able offer low fees and offer a low trading risk for buyers and sellers.

This is also one of the reasons why Bitcoin is gaining popularity in China.

According to the data, the trading volume for Bitcoin was approximately 5,000,000 units per day.

It is also the third largest digital currency in terms of market capitalization, after Ethereum and Litecoin.

It also overtook the market for Litecoin in 2016.

The most important factor in the success of Bitcoin is the fact that the community has developed a reputation for having a low transaction fee.

This has led to a large number of Bitcoin exchanges that have developed an infrastructure for the Bitcoin market.

These exchanges are not only providing low-interest loans and discounts for Bitcoin trading, but they also provide a secure platform for users to store and trade Bitcoin.

As more and more Bitcoin users enter the market, Bitcoin trading volume will continue to increase.

The Bitcoin price in 2016 reached a record high of $13,933.75, which is roughly $1,500 higher than the previous record of $10,099.85 reached in July, 2015.

This trend has been driven by an increasing demand for Bitcoin, as well as the rapid growth in the adoption of Ethereum and other digital currencies.

The growth of Bitcoin in China is the reason why it is now the second largest Bitcoin market in the world behind the US.

China has a population of more than 40 million people and the country is expected to reach a population size of over 200 million people by 2026.

China has become a key hub for Bitcoin in the international market, as it is home to the world’s largest Bitcoin exchanges and payment processing companies.

It has also been one of many places where the Bitcoin ecosystem has been developing.

For more on the Bitcoin markets, watch this video.

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