An investigation by CBS News uncovered that the dollar and euro have been trading in bubble territory for years.

We wanted to find out if it’s a bubble or a trend.

What we found is that it is both.

In the years since 2008, the dollar has experienced a steady climb, but it hasn’t experienced an uninterrupted rise.

The euro has risen sharply, as well, but not quite as sharply.

The dollar’s recent surge has not been as steep as the euro’s rise.

What this tells us is that if the dollar continues to appreciate, the euro may be able to maintain its dominance for a while longer.

If so, the ECB could be forced to adjust its policies, especially in relation to the euro.

What’s more, this is likely to push the euro to a new level of strength.

But there are many reasons to think that the euro is about to go through another surge in the coming months.

And if the euro surges again, it could be a major factor in the global economy.

For starters, the European Central Bank, which is the ECB, has just completed its most ambitious monetary stimulus program in decades.

The program was originally conceived in the 1990s, and it has since been expanded to include a range of other monetary and fiscal policies, from stimulus to fiscal stimulus to easing of the financial system.

The goal is to stimulate the economy by keeping inflation at or below 2 percent.

In this expansion, the central bank has taken a number of steps to keep inflation low.

The Fed, meanwhile, has been doing something even more ambitious.

It has been buying trillions of dollars of Treasuries, which has led to the Fed cutting interest rates.

And the European Union has just launched a $1.2 trillion plan to expand its financial sector.

What has all of this been doing?

The Fed has pumped trillions of additional dollars into the economy.

The central bank and its European allies have increased the monetary base by $1 trillion since the crisis.

This has boosted the stock of money in the economy, and in some cases, it has caused inflation to spike.

But if you look at the dollar chart above, you see that the currency has risen more or less flat.

The key point here is that the Fed has kept inflation low because it’s done its part to keep the economy’s central bank in control of monetary policy.

But now, it’s doing its part by keeping interest rates low.

This is a key point because interest rates are what determines how much money you have in the money supply.

They’re the interest rate that the banks charge on your deposits to keep your money safe.

The longer rates stay low, the more the banks are able to charge you for your loans, and the higher the interest rates, the greater the money you’re willing to borrow.

This means that the longer rates remain low, and therefore the lower the inflation rate, the less inflation you’ll see in the dollar.

And it’s the same with the euro, which keeps inflation at about 2 percent, and has kept interest rates near zero for decades.

But the ECB is starting to think it needs to go a little further.

It’s starting to raise its short-term interest rate, which essentially means that it will buy more Treasurs and other short- term debt.

And as it does this, the Fed will try to lower the rate that it pays to banks.

This will increase the amount of money that the central banks can lend to the banks, which in turn will stimulate the dollar market, which will lead to more inflation.

And because the dollar is trading in a bubble territory, the rise in the euro will be less than it would be if the currency were going up.

If the dollar rises in the next few months, the surge in prices will make it harder for the euro not to get a little bit higher.

But for now, the currency is trading at a healthy level, so it won’t do much damage to the economy if the European economy keeps on growing at its current rate.

What does this all mean?

For one thing, it means that a few months from now, prices in the US will rise more than they have in a decade.

And prices in Europe will rise even more than prices in Asia.

But in a couple of months, prices will start to fall.

For this reason, we think that it’s likely that the eurozone will fall into a depression soon.

That’s why we recommend buying US Treasurys or other short term debt as soon as you can, and holding them until that happens.

That way, you can buy a good chunk of the bonds that will become available when the eurozone economy begins to get back on its feet.

And you’ll be able, over time, to see how much inflation is coming.

For now, you’ll have to wait for that.

But you’ll probably be able get some of the Treasurable debt you bought back when you bought Treasural bonds, and you

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