The crypto market is booming in Colombia and the Colombian government is looking to capitalize on the market.

In fact, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos has promised to establish a national cryptocurrency exchange.

According to the Financial Times, the central bank will be able to issue cryptocurrency notes at no cost.

The news comes a day after the Central Bank of Colombia (CBOC) announced a plan to allow cryptocurrency exchanges in Colombia, but has not specified which ones or what type of currency will be used.

However, the government has previously announced plans to introduce foreign exchange into the country.

In January, the Colombian National Assembly passed a bill allowing the central government to issue fiat currency in the country for certain purposes.

The bill also includes provisions allowing the CBOC to issue virtual currencies.

These currencies would be issued through a digital wallet and would be used for purchases, as well as transfers.

According the Colombian Times, foreign exchange is being proposed for foreign trade and will be regulated by the Central Board of Governors, which oversees the country’s central bank.

A similar bill was also introduced in the National Assembly in June.

The Colombian government plans to create a national exchange for foreign currency and digital assets in the coming months, according to the Daily Star.

The government plans on issuing more than $200 million worth of foreign currency, as part of a $1.2 billion plan to diversify the countrys economy.

According for the latest information, the CBIC will be issuing a token called ColoredCoins in 2018.

According its website, ColoredCoin will allow citizens to use digital currencies for their daily purchases and will also allow businesses to offer discounts on digital goods, including digital goods.

Additionally, the cryptocurrency will be offered for sale to consumers, through online auctions and digital currency exchanges.

The announcement comes after the CBC released a draft plan to introduce cryptocurrency into Colombia.

The plan was to introduce digital currency to the country by July 2018.

However in September 2018, the Central Banks of the three Colombian states — the Republic of Colombia, the state of San Salvador and the state-run municipality of Santa Cruz — issued a joint statement to the Colombian Senate saying that the CBB’s plans would not be implemented.

The statement also stated that it was not possible to create national cryptocurrencies, and that the central banks were not able to provide any financial instruments for the creation of cryptocurrencies.

The Central Bank also announced that the plan would not apply to existing cryptocurrencies.

Instead, the plans will apply to all new digital assets and currencies.

According, the plan will create a single market for digital currencies in the three countries.

The three central banks have also said that they will provide financial services for the digital currency exchange market.

This new plan could be an opportunity for Colombian entrepreneurs to launch a cryptocurrency exchange and a platform for the exchange of cryptocurrency for other purposes, according the Daily News.

The national cryptocurrency market is growing rapidly in Colombia.

According an estimate by CoinDesk, the country has a market cap of $13 billion, with the country trading at around $0.0037 US dollar.

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