The value of the U to the US dollar has surged from $0.0577 on Nov. 15 to a high of $1.0878 on Wednesday.

That’s up from $1,077 on the day of the Nov. 8 election.

That increase in the value of a U.s. dollar is largely driven by the surging value of gold and silver, according to the Commodity Futures Trading Commission. 

The gold rally came as the US economy contracted.

The number of jobs added in November rose to a seasonally adjusted 3.9 million, a number that’s far below the 5.1 million added in October. 

Meanwhile, the number of new U.n. trade deals signed with major economies has surged to 3,700, including deals with China, India and Brazil, according the Commerce Department.

That comes on top of 1,400 in November and a little over a half-million in October, according data from the Bureau of Economic Analysis. 

But while the dollar is strengthening, the greenback is also being weighed down by some tough trade agreements with countries like China, Japan and South Korea. 

For example, the WTO has banned most imports of copper from South Korea, which has been a major supplier of the metal to the U, for 10 years. 

There’s also been growing criticism of the TPP that includes provisions for countries like Vietnam to impose tariffs on Chinese imports and tariffs on other goods. 

This is a big deal for the U., said Matthew D’Agostino, senior economic analyst at Morningstar. 

It’s very hard to see how the greenbacks’ gains can be reversed, he said. 

In addition, there’s concern that a U-turn could cause the dollar to weaken against other currencies. 

“A U-Turn would likely trigger the dollar’s downward trend against the Euro and other currencies, especially in the coming months,” D’Acostino said.

“The downside of this could be that the dollar becomes more vulnerable to currency movements in other emerging markets and the U.-bound euro.” 

A slowdown in China has been blamed for the weak U.z. dollar and has also helped to drive the price of gold, a major component of the greencoin. 

Gold is a precious metal, and it has a market value of around $1 trillion.

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