By Robert M. LeggettAssociated PressReutersWASHINGTON (AP) — Foreign exchange risk may be high, but it’s a lot less than some investors may think.

The key to minimizing the risks of losing your money in a global financial crisis is to use a mix of options.

Some investors will invest their money in U.S. government bonds, which have a lower exposure to foreign exchange than do European or Japanese government bonds.

Others will buy stocks, which are safer than U.N. or European sovereign debt.

And some will buy international bonds, where foreign exchange is usually cheaper.

For those who want to stay ahead of the curve, the U.K. government bond market is among the best bets for safe investments, according to the U of T’s investment research group.

The U.KS. government is the world’s largest issuer of bonds, with a market capitalization of $4.9 trillion.

The value of the bond market has risen by a record $2.9 billion since June 2014, according for Bloomberg data.

That’s largely due to the Brexit vote, which triggered the British government to lower interest rates, and the UBS Group AG decision to purchase a significant portion of its foreign exchange portfolio.

A portfolio of 10-year U.KK bonds yields about 2.7% on the London-based exchange rate.

The 10- year Treasury note is about 2%.

“It’s very risky to go in and buy the 10- and 1-year bonds,” said John Cogan, chief investment officer at Bogleheads, a Canadian investment management firm.

“There’s risk that they’ll do poorly.”

A lot of investors have a better shot at gaining exposure to the government bonds than the 10 or 1- year bonds.

That’s because of the government’s bond purchase program.

The government has been buying bonds at a discount for more than 20 years, making it more cost-effective to borrow from the U for long-term payments than to buy bonds at discount.

That means investors with a higher exposure to bonds in the U can get more bang for their buck.

That means a higher percentage of foreign exchange losses are being paid to the treasury, which is what makes the U bond market more stable than that of the other bonds.

For example, a portfolio of U.MK bonds has a yield of about 3.2%, according to for Bloomberg’s data.

The Treasury’s 10-Year Bond Fund is one of the best-performing U.

Bonds in the world.

The fund has gained more than $3 billion this year through purchases of the 10-, 10- or 1.25-year notes.

That has helped it beat the benchmark U.IK yield, which has fallen by about half since January 2015, according the Bloomberg data, as well as the yield on the 10 year Treasury.

It has also helped offset losses of about $1.6 billion from the Brexit-related currency crisis, which the UK. economy was hit hard by.

The bond market’s performance has come at a price.

The yield on 10-yr U.UK Treasurys has fallen from 6.5% to 5.8% in the last year, according Boglehead’s data, compared with a 3.6% yield on 1-yr European and U.A.E. Treasuries.

This is a drop of roughly half.

For a portfolio that includes both government bonds and UBS U.AX bonds, a yield on U.AKs has fallen to 4.8%, from a 5.5%.

For a portfolio with a mixture of government bonds as well, a 1-yield portfolio is yielding about 4.5%, according for Boglebacks data.

Some bond investors might also be better off investing in stocks.

That is because bonds with a lower yield can be a better bet than the government bond or the 10/1 bond.

A U.

Yield portfolio of the S&P 500 Index ETF, for example, has a 1.5-yielding yield, compared to about 3%.

In a global market, stocks offer the highest yield, while bonds have a higher yield than UB and the 10Y.

That makes them the best place to invest for risk-averse investors who might not want to get caught in the financial turmoil of the Brexit referendum.

A U.BB portfolio is better for those who may want to hedge against the Brexit effects, according, according Bloomberg’s research.

For example, the 10B yield of the UB bond has dropped to 3.9%, from 5.9% a year ago, according.

That has helped offset the financial pain caused by the Brexit uncertainty.

A 10-Y yield on stocks is also more attractive, and has been on the rise in the past year.

It fell to 3% in March, compared as much as 6% a decade ago.

A 2-y yield has fallen about 25%, from about 7%.

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