Forex Trading Strategy Training – what to expect

What you get in the trainning:

When you start a free trial with DKNR PrecisionFX you get access to everything we have for our live members.

As soon as you sign up for the trial with your name and email and verify your email you’ll be taken to our system installation and training page.

On the training page , ou will see everything you need to get started with PrecisionFX your trial.

You will have links to videos to help you set up and install the trading system and choose a broker.

You will have all the downloads you need to load the full PrecisionFX system the way you see it in our videos directly on your own computer.

You will have access to a full series of training videos for you to watch before you even begin your trial.

You will have access to an extensive trading plan that you will develop yourself with our training.

You will have access to a journal that you will use to record and learn from your trading activity.

You will have extra downloads for trading you can keep just for coming in to do the free trial.

If you’re brand-new to Forex and trading we have all the videos you need to get started on our installation and training page.

If you’re an experienced Forex trader you can skip all the initial videos and get right into system training.

You will also have access to our live trading webinars showing live charts and trade setups and exits.

You will also have access to Dave after the training sessions each day for a brief Q&A on any questions you have about the system, the various ways to trade it, and using it to fit your specific needs.


What to expect in the training

You can expect to see, learn, comprehend, and understand all the basics of Forex trading and the Precision FX system before and during your trial.

You can expect to take live trades in a demo account so you can practice with the system and actually see it work yourself.

It is an intensive training of a simple to understand, easy to use, and quite simply the best trading system you will ever see.


What we promise

We promise during the trial you will have everything you need to start trading Forex for a beginner.

We promise you will have everything you need as an experienced Forex trader, to do the best trading you’ve ever done in your life.

In-depth information for the training setup


Your trial begins by going to a landing page on our website, watching the video link, and signing up with your name and email. You will receive an email from our domain or another account you will need to accept and agree to be added to our list. You will then click a link in the email to subscribe to our list, check the box to prove your real, and hit the subscribe button. You will then hit the “continued to our website” button which will take you to the system download instructions and training page.

After arriving on the page you’ll go through all of the training in the order you see it including watching the appropriate videos, and downloading the appropriate files where necessary. You will receive email reminders as to when you’re training starts and your trial begins.

If you are experienced in Forex trading and already have an account you can, of course, skip the part about opening the account and loading the MT4 platform. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND EVEN IF YOU ARE EXPERIENCED to watch the Precision FX system installation video because it is a little different than what you may be used to for loading indicators and scripts into the MT4 platform.

It is imperative you finish your installation and training BEFORE your training begins. We do not want to spend our time or your time during the precious short-term trial answering questions about how to install trading software or open a brokerage account. If you have any questions during the installation and training process we will constantly be adding updated training information to the website on the very training page you will be working on, and also videos into the Facebook group which you have received links to join and you should be a member of and be following.

The day before for the day of your trial you will receive a license key to activate your Precision FX trading system. We are giving everyone in the trial an extra day to be sure they get the system activated and the templates loaded correctly.

DO NOT CONTACT US IMMEDIATELY if you have issues activating the system and installing the License Key. Watch the installation video again while you install the PrecisionFX system and the license Key. It does take time for the system to check the server for proper license activation as the trading system is extremely complex behind the scenes but very simple to use. Follow all the video instructions specifically and be patient.

After you subscribe to our mailing list you will receive emails to update you as this to the status of the license key, the trial start date, and other important information such as links to live trading events and any special Q&A sessions we may have.

During the course of your free trial, you will have the ability to trade the system on a demo account which is a free account with fake money from the broker of your choice.

We will also have some special opportunities for you during the trial to continue using the system by referring other people to DKNR precision FX.


What to expect AFTER the training

Any point during the trial or when your trial is over, you will have the opportunity to trade with our precision FX system on a live account or to continue practising in the training if you wish as a member and client of DKNR PrecisionFX.

Your PrecisionFX license key will deactivate at the end of your trial and the system will no longer work on your computer, OR, you may take advantage of the special offer we may make during the trial to continue using the PrecisionFX system in which case you will be given a new license key that will activate either a demo or a live account specifically for you.

Once you’ve had your hands on the DKNR PrecisionFX system and used it personally, you will be very reluctant to let it go. This trial is not an easy or inexpensive thing to do but we want you to see for yourself the power, precision, and performance of PrecisionFX.


If you have any questions, contact us on our Facebook Page