By RICHARD HOPKINS | USA Today article Foreign exchange is a highly complex financial instrument, with its own set of rules and regulations, and many of the same investors who might have invested in it have since turned their backs on it.

But a new strategy is gaining traction.

The emerging world’s top banks are turning to foreign exchange management to save money on their currencies, and banks and hedge funds are turning foreign exchange into a major source of their capital.

That means foreign exchange is becoming a major driver of global growth and a major contributor to the growth of global wealth, analysts say.

Foreign exchange management is a complex business that is complex enough to require a great deal of technical knowledge.

It involves a team of accountants, traders, financial analysts, accountants and other financial experts.

Foreign exchange managers and hedge fund managers have their own set and protocols.

In some cases, they may even have separate, independent teams.

The strategy, known as foreign exchange forward trading (FET), is an unusual, high-risk investment, which is usually associated with high-net-worth individuals.

The fund may have a $1.4 trillion underwriter and $1 trillion of debt.

Investors in these funds usually have a high level of exposure to the underlying assets, meaning that the risks they face are limited, and there is no chance of a major loss, according to financial experts, hedge fund operators and analysts.

Foreign exchanges, however, are not cheap, so the funds may be willing to take on huge risks to generate returns.

For example, if a fund manages a $200 million portfolio of foreign currency assets, it is likely that it will have to pay a large portion of its profits back.

And it is possible that a fund could face a loss because the foreign currency holdings of its clients could be affected by fluctuations in currencies.

The FET strategy is very different from the more traditional way of managing assets.

For a hedge fund, a fund’s foreign exchange portfolio is often managed by a separate team that manages the underlying asset allocation.

That team often has a higher level of risk tolerance and can have more control over the allocation.

For a fund manager, a FET investment is not a risk-free bet on the outcome of a foreign exchange market.

It is a very high-stakes investment, and the managers usually have to be very careful to manage the portfolio in a way that does not cause any financial losses.

The Foreign Exchange Management Association, a trade group representing foreign exchange managers, estimates that FET represents up to 30% of foreign exchange fund operations, but the actual percentage is probably much lower.

The group has said that the number of FET managers may be as low as 1% to 1.5%.

It is hard to quantify the extent to which foreign exchange operations are undervalued.

There is also a question of whether the FET strategies have the same effect as hedge fund strategies, analysts said.

Hedge funds typically invest heavily in the U.S. dollar, and they typically are much less likely to move money from other assets.

That has contributed to the perception that FETS are less risky than hedge funds.

Foreign currency forward trading is also one of the most controversial ways to invest in equities and bonds.

Hedge fund managers typically invest their profits in the currencies that they deem to be undervalued, like the euro or the yen, according.

But there are also some hedge fund funds that also use FET, according

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