Online Forex trading is simply the act of trading in foreign exchange currency markets by placing a trading position in the markets believing you know which way the markets are going to go. Trading is done in pairs and includes currencies like the EURUSD (Euro-US Dollar), GBPUSD (Great British Pound-US Dollar and literally dozens and dozens more. There are a large amount the currency pairs available to trade, including markets, metals (gold, silver, etc), indices (S&P 500, Nasdaq, etc), and energies (oil, natural gas, etc).  

It is relatively quick and easy to set up the trading platform, and load the system. There are brief, short videos online to show how to do it all and we will cover it also in our live beginners training sessions for those of you who have never used any type of software before.  If you have ever done anything on a social media account or set up a word document or any type of spreadsheet, then you will not have any trouble loading the trading software. It actually takes longer to set everything up than it will to actually learn the basic core setup of the trading system. Within 24 – 48 hrs you will be up and running, knowing the basics, and starting to look for trades.

The short answer is NO.

That is one of the best features of the PRECISIONFX system. The system has built-in sound, email, and text alerts for your computer, cell phone, or other devices. Trading a higher time frame chart means you only have to look at a chart a couple times a day/week when the system sends you a signal for a trade setup.

The system is built to work in almost any time frame with almost any trading instrument. We have found the larger time frames easier to see, enter, and read for looking for major swings and entry points in the market, BUT, when you combine the larger time frames and enter on smaller ones there are some unbelievable trades to be had. Whether you want to day trade (getting in and out of the markets usually within 24 hrs and often during your same trading session), look at your trading system a few times a day, or a few times per week, we have something for you.

The system is designed to NOT have to sit in front of the computer all day. You can log in to the trading platform from anywhere to see a trading chart, using any mobile device connected to the internet.

If you are a very busy person with work, business, family, whatever, the system will let you know when you need to look at a chart by sending you an email, a text, make a sound, show a message, or any combination you want thereof. It will do all of them, one or two of them, or none of them. It is completely adjustable and up to you. So you can set it and forget it until you need to come back and look to enter a trade. When the right signal fires you can even exit a trade using just your cell phone and a mobile trading app without even looking at a trading chart!!

No. Once you have paid you are in and you are getting access to training and a trading system that is far better than some we have seen costing 10’s of thousands of dollars or even 100 thousand or more per year. Because of the severe discount we give you just so you can get started and possibly become a professional trader, and all the training access, we cannot do refunds. Knowing you can get a refund is one of the easiest cop-outs to NOT put in the time and do the work. We are only looking at you putting in a small amount of time compared to anything else you have probably ever done and reaping rewards that are probably greater than anything else as well!

It is quite simple really. No, not really.

Actually, it is very complicated (behind the scenes).

Let’s put it this way. For the most part, every other trading system out there works off of a series of historical markers that try to predict what will happen in the markets based on past events. Almost every system, alert, or thing-a-ma-jiggy that comes standard in any trading software platform and every custom thingy out there works off of past prices to try and determine future movement. They all fail on a consistent basis, especially in these shaky financial times.

Our system works using a complex set of algorithms and proprietary programming working behind the scenes to filter out market players (hedge funds and institutions) entry and exit positions based on multiple time frames. When combined, they produce the entries and exits you may have seen in many of the screenshots and videos we have done. The system provides something so simple to follow yet complex behind the scenes. You have undoubtedly never seen anything like it before. 6+ yrs in development and over $250K in development, programming, creation, and trading. That’s what makes this different. NEVER EVER ask us what we do in the programming. It is protected under legal grounds established in several historical precedent court cases proving no one ever has to reveal trade corporate secrets like our system programming for any reason or to anyone and we never will.