Can I trade in Forex part time?

Can I trade in Forex part time?

The system is designed to NOT have to sit in front of the computer all day. You can log in to the MT4 platform from anywhere to see a chart, using any mobile device connected to the internet.

If you set up the indicators and are waiting for an entry, then the indicators will let you know when your entry conditions have been met and make a sound, send you an email, and send you a text. It will do all of them, one or two of them, or none of them. It is completely adjustable and up to you.

There is a mobile phone app for MT4 that you can use to actually enter a trade right from your phone!! You can enter trades on your phone, have the target indicators turned on as well, and get another email when to get out!! Depending on how many markets you watch and what time frames you trade, you can set the system up to trade based on your own personal time commitment. Again, use your own discretion and level of comfort with risk.

We will give common recommendations in training as to different setups and risk levels some people use. Remember this is all about training in using the system and we are not making trading recommendations for you personally, nor are we licensed in any way, shape, or form to give trading advice or recommendations to you specifically.

Trade at your own risk and read all disclosures from us and your broker before trading any live money.

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