By Mark McNeill”The Malaysian Foreign exchange Group (MFEG) has a bad reputation in the financial markets, especially among investors.

Some observers, however, point out that its profits are much greater than its debt.

While the group has been trading in the $2-a-share range for some time, its shares have seen sharp declines in value, and its debt is a growing concern.MFEG is a foreign exchange market that operates in a relatively low-cost, low-risk environment.

The group is not subject to the usual regulatory restrictions on hedging, such as restrictions on short-term capital gains, or foreign exchange contracts.

This means that it can make a profit from the speculative activities of traders and the trading of foreign exchange futures.

However, as the market price of its currency rises, it becomes more difficult for it to generate sufficient earnings.

This makes it an attractive investment for traders, but it is also one that can cause serious problems for investors, as it can cause excessive volatility in the market and can create a perception that the group is a bubble.

In short, it is not clear what can be done to change this situation.

Malaysia’s foreign exchange trading has historically been highly regulated.

Its central bank has a mandate to prevent manipulation of the foreign exchange markets and to monitor the market.

In fact, the country has been in the forefront of international efforts to reduce the risks associated with foreign exchange derivatives.

The MFEG Group’s current woes began in 2014 when its shares lost nearly 20% in value.

Since then, the group’s trading volumes have been falling, and investors have been holding off on buying the group stock.

The current situation is especially concerning for the Malaysian government as it faces a fiscal deficit of nearly US$2 billion, a serious problem.

To try to salvage MFEG’s image, it decided to set up a special board of directors.

This board is responsible for managing the group, overseeing the group and its investments.

However this board is under-funded and lacks the expertise and experience to effectively manage the market, according to a new report by the Institute for Global Economics (IGE).

The report was released on Thursday, and is entitled The MFEG Problem.

Its authors include economist Mark McLean, the founder of the Institute of Global Economics, and the former chief economist at the Reserve Bank of Singapore.

IGE is a Singapore-based think tank that was founded in 2008 as a joint venture between the Federal Reserve Bank and the Singapore Monetary Authority.

The report focuses on the history of MFEG and the problems it has faced over the years.

The main problems it cites include:A failure to effectively supervise MFEGThe management of the group was too centralized and it failed to provide sufficient oversightThe group failed to identify the source of losses in the pastSeveral of the issues it highlights have a direct impact on the MFEG market.

The report suggests that the failure to identify and mitigate these risks may have contributed to the recent price drop.

The failure to properly identify the sources of losses also affected the trading volumes.

When the MFeg group was created, it had just a few hundred million ringgit in trading volume.

However its trading volume grew rapidly in the following years and peaked at around US$1.5 billion in 2015.

The next year, the trading volume had already increased by nearly 40% and by the end of 2017, the total trading volume was over US$6.5 trillion.

As the trading activities of the company grew, the market began to believe that the MFG group was a bubble, according the report.

Investors and analysts began to compare the market to other high-risk, speculative trading firms.

Investors were scared that MFEG would collapse, leading to a sharp decline in the value of the shares.

A lack of liquidity is another major concern, according.

The problem with MFEG is that it does not have sufficient liquidity to pay its creditors, who are not only the Malaysian state, but also the Malaysian central bank.

As a result, the money the group owes is unable to be repaid.

Furthermore, the MFIG group has not been able to meet its financial obligations.

The recent financial crisis has resulted in a significant increase in the size of the current debt, which has already surpassed the amount of MFIG’s existing debt.

There are several other issues that the report points out.

The board does not yet have the necessary capital to manage its investments, which is not sustainable over the long term.

There is also concern about the group being exposed to external markets, which could negatively affect its trading activities.

The management team does not appear to have the knowledge or the experience to properly manage these risks, according a second point in the report that IGE points out, as well.

The report highlights the lack of transparency of the management, as they have not made public their plans for the group.

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