About Us

DKNR Management provides software, education and mentoring to help individuals succeed in the Forex markets.   

Founder and CEO

About David


David is a veteran of the Forex markets, with three decades of experience. Through his time studying the markets, developing and improving strategies and building successful trade plans; he has gained a wealth of experience, which has been used to develop automated trading indicators, and mentor aspiring traders. 

David is the developer and creator of the PRECISIONFX trading system. Which he has spent over five years perfecting. 

PRECISIONFX Trading System

The PRECISIONFX trading system is the product of many years of research and development.  The software is designed to generate non subjective trading signals in the Forex markets. Making the strategy simple for anyone to learn and benefit from.  

Mission Statement

We are here to find those who want to be great traders, and build them up through their development process to get there. Successful traders must not only have winning strategies, but the (rare) winning attitude in Forex. We’ll provide you solutions for both the technical and mental  aspects of obtaining this high value skill. 

Our Beliefs

Our Values

Our Purpose

We believe in up-front honesty.  The true benchmark of our success as a company is the long term success of our clients, and everything we do is geared towards bringing you that

Quality and transparency. We want to bring you the best possible services, and make sure you are fully informed about them, so you can make an educated decision about what is best for you. 

We are here to build great traders, and to share our passions, experience, knowledge and software with aspiring traders. We’ll walk with you along your road to becoming your best.