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Our Promise to You

We offer you the simplest, yet most expansive trading experience in the Forex markets. We use over 30 yrs experience and simple to use tools to make the route to Forex profits easier for you. We are building a juggernaut of a trading team.

We measure our success, by your success.  

How do I get access to the best system?

How do I become a professional Trader?

We believe in telling you what you need to hear, not just what you want to hear. We’re committed to high quality services. OUR success can only be measured by YOUR success. 

Our focus is on building long term relationships with those who truly want to succeed. We provide you with accountability and proper training.  Do you want to have long term success working on your own? We set you on the right path from the very moment you click a link. 

We promise to always be forthright and transparent in our services and products offering.  You will never get hyped up claims from us. Everything we do, say, and teach is geared towards getting YOU real measurable results.

We have spent decades in the markets and literally 100’s of thousands developing PRECISIONFX. We know the importance of good preparation, and professional risk control; and we teach YOU the same.

PrecisionFX Trading System Intro Video

Your all in one solution to becoming a profitable trader. Get profitable signals from our trading software, and learn how to build your professional trading plan. Start making Money.

Precision Asset Managers Training Video

If you have the right attitude, and are able to follow the Precision FX strategies flawlessly; DKNR could provide you with your first steps on the path to being a professional asset manager. 

You will be given very focused training showing, teaching, and training you on the (high) standards that are expected from asset managers. You will be tested, helped to improve, and retested multiple times during this educational time frame.  Those who show they can be professional, and produce consistent, profitable results, will have the opportunity to be introduced to asset managers. This is where you go to become a professional trader – TOP GUN SCHOOL.